What You Need To Know About Investing In Home Automation And Security System

Innovation has advanced dramatically in the last years, thereby, giving you different devices and gadgets to make your lives simpler. While robots may not necessarily exist to perform jobs such as washing and cooking, home automation and security system in Australia make it a little more straightforward to carry out day-to-day chores. For example, home automation will record a favourite program of your on tv while you are out of your home or change the air conditioner on or perhaps the washer. The technology allows you to take control of different electronic devices from wherever you may be.

Home automation system has a couple of fundamental requirements, and you would do well to make sure that you meet all of them before you buy anything from businesses that sell wireless home security camera systems online. Such requirements include among other things, a network will need with a user interface card, and the computer system will require a router to establish LAN. Other connections and hubs consist of video modulators and distribution panels.


The home automation system includes three elements called the microprocessor, structured circuitry and connection centre. The main component of these three is thought about to be a connection centre. Structured electrical wiring needs to be set up around your home and connected to the connection centre hubs. The microprocessor is similar to the system’s brain and is likewise put inside the connection centre. The microprocessor can be programmed, and it lets you control various electronic equipment consisting of kitchen area devices as well as lights in your house. The user interface of this system includes remote controls, keypads and touchscreens.


The home automation and security systems permit you to perform different security jobs. You can give your home a populated look by switching on the television or the lights. The home automation will provide your home with much-required security and provide you with peace and convenience while you are out. You can utilise home automation to even control a security system such as the wireless system and hardwired security system. Of these two the cheaper option is hardwired security. However, setup takes an extended period on this system. It is also challenging to conceal the circuitry and keep a neat appearance. On the other hand, the hardwired system is said to be more dependable.


The wireless system can be installed quickly. The wireless network is also easy to operate as the transmitters, receivers and controllers are hassle-free to utilise. Somewhat of brand-new circuitry being set up, the sensing units of the wireless system can be positioned in locations that are not readily available. Wireless networks have become popular in recent times as a result of there being no untidy circuitry to handle.


Even if you forget to switch on the security system, you merely have to use your home automation system to switch it on from wherever you may be. Such a feature enables you to remain relaxed during the whole day and not have to worry about the security of your home.


Home Security Systems Products for Contractors


Contractors and home builders will find home security systems products available for every element of home and business security. Products to deter or prevent intrusion, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and motion detectors are just a few of those options.

Preventing Home Intrusion

A burglary occurs every 8 to 15 seconds in the United States, costing homeowners an average $1700. Home invasion crimes are also rising. More and more homeowners are adding intrusion protection to their homes, especially for new construction.
Contractors will consider location, home style and budget when assessing applicable home security systems products. Standard products include home alarm systems.

When home security alarm systems are installed, door and window openings are fitted with sensors that sound an alert whenever doors or windows are opened. Homeowners can set the systems to sound the alert when they’re away from home or upon retiring for the night and turn it off while performing regular daily activities.

Contractors can sub-contract home security systems products to installation and monitoring services such as Brink or ADT. These companies install, maintain and monitor the systems on a subscription basis.

Security bars at doors and windows are another home security system product that contractors can use to increase safety and reduce the chance of break-in. Window bars are now available in both simple and elegant styles, making it possible to maintain a home’s elegant style while providing the extra safety element.

Home Security Systems Products Inside the Home

Safety and security are issues inside the home as well as out. The law dictates some amount of protection. Smoke and fire alarms are required by law. Contractors must meet the minimum requirement of smoke detectors. Some homeowners may prefer additional detectors.

Smoke detectors are usually hardwired for new construction and wireless or battery operated for remodels.

Another frequently used home security systems product for contractors is the carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide detectors come in digital and standard styles. Combination carbon monoxide/smoke and fire detection devices are available.
Indoor and outdoor motion sensors are quickly becoming standard home security systems products for contractors. Outdoor lighting with motion sensing capabilities built in gives homeowners the opportunity to monitor chosen exterior areas around home and property.

Indoor motion sensors are usually part of the home security alarm system. These sensors sound alarms anytime movement is detected in an area where there should not be movement. The control panel alerts homeowners to the location of the movement.

Subscription based monitoring services monitor motion as well as the other alarms included in the whole house protection systems.

Surveillance cameras on the exterior of the home and in the interior are good home security systems products for contractors. Wireless and/or wired cameras allow homeowners to see what’s going on in or out of their home. The images retrieved by the camera can often be viewed by cell phone or computer.

There are a wide variety of home security systems products available for contractors today. Home alarm systems, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and motion detectors are just a few of them. Homeowners can customize security and protection to meet individual needs.

Is Your Home Security Alarm Accredited?

Remote control lock to a home.


Due to safety precautions it is mandatory that every alarm installed in your house is registered with FARS. Before the system is placed into service you must check for the following accreditation,
• NSI (National Security Inspectorate)
• NACOSS (National Approval Council for Security Systems)
• ICON (an approval scheme run by NSI)
• SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board)

A non-refundable $30.00 registration fee must be paid with each initial registration. A separate registration must be obtained for each alarm user and/or location. Registrations must be renewed on a biennial (2 year) basis at a cost of $10.00. Failure to renew when required will result in no “free” false alarms and the imposition of an additional $100 charge for every false alarm.

False alarm
The main reason for the burglar alarm to be accredited by the government is because of false alarms. Each year the Oakland Police Department receives more than 30,000 false alarms! On average, each response to alarms involves two police officers and takes up to thirty minutes-costing the City in excess of 1.4 million, annually. This is equal to 14 full-time police officers responding only to false alarms.

The burglar alarm ordinance
• Authorizes permit fees (waived for alarm users age 65 and older)
• Authorizes fines and penalties for defective or misused alarm systems
• Requires alarm companies to play a greater role in how customers use and maintain their alarm systems.

Paying for your permit

What ever type of alarm you use it should be accredited by the government. If you have an alarm system that is functional and is activated, the alarm ordinance requires you to obtain a valid alarm user permit. Please remember, if you do not have a permit and the Police Department is dispatched to your location for a false alarm, you will may be subjected to a $250 fine.

Importance of a Home Security System

Home security has been given so much importance over the past few years that we have almost forgotten the importance of our own house and the importance of a good home security alarm. While burglary in your property may not make the headlines, it is in your best interest to safeguard property by installing a good home security alarm.

According to the US bureau of Justice Statistics there were 14 million incidents of theft on property and in 83% incidents the burglars had entered the house or building located in the property. You might feel safe by locking your doors and windows but there are ways to enter a house known only to people who commit burglary for living. Burglars always strike by surprise; to underestimate their resourcefulness would be a mistake you would not want to make at any cost.

There are many types of home security alarm, which can help you effectively protect a property, belongings and more importantly your family from burglars. Home security alarm is one of the more trusted methods to protect your house from burglars; a simple home security alarm generally makes a loud sound or dials a number like 911, your cell phone or a neighbor and sends a pre recorded distress message. Some systems connect themselves with the smoke alarms which notify the fire department immediately. Then there is also the monitored house security systems which are considered the safest of all and the local systems which are considered safer than monitored property security systems, yet cheaper.

Many security systems come with a sign board that can be mounted on the door, mailbox or anywhere else where they can be noticed. Burglars generally target un-protected houses and leave alone the houses protected by any type of home security alarm. As for starters, the cheapest home security alarm is the “do it yourself” systems, you need to do all the installation and setup yourself, but if you are on a budget these are the right ones for you. A home security alarm not only helps in preventing burglary but it also helps in minimizing the loss in case the burglars break into a house because they fear a backup or the sound which might alert the neighbors or the police.