Best Adult Pacifier

Adult Babies (ABs) are grown ups who enjoy dressing up as babies or toddlers, either for comfort or for sexual satisfaction. The latter is less common, but still prevalent. Distinct from Diaper Lovers (DLs), ABs will not necessarily enjoy wearing diapers but rather they enjoy the act of being childish. Age regression is commonly practiced within the BDSM community, and Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL) relationships can often mimic the power dynamic of Daddy Dom Little Girl (DDLG) relationships.

For some, this is something they do to seek comfort, escape reality or reconnect with their inner child. It might be a more permanent reality for others, and for some it may be arousing for them to be humiliated as an adult baby. Everyone has a different experience and for some, the childlike behavior is enough. Others need more sensory stimulation and so costumes might be needed in order for them to be fully aroused. For this particular kink, online stores offer a selection of clothing to facilitate a more realistic role play experience. You might want to go for a romper or a onesie, or for the older toddlers you can find a range of pyjamas and other daytime clothes.

Whatever you choose, you should know that the staple garment for an adult baby is the pacifier.

A simple yet highly effective accessory for age play, the pacifier alone has the potential to turn up the heat a few notches. The suggestibility is enough to create a magnetic sexual energy between a dom and his sub. However, depending on what you think is hot or not, there are a few ways you can spark up or flop out at this point.

Whilst browsing for adult pacifiers online, you might be surprised at the range of pacifiers on offer.First up, the gag. An essential accessory for this particular kind of BDSM play, the gag pacifier has the potential to really get your senses buzzing. For those who like to play more gently, you might consider looking for a penis or set of boobs. Yes, that’s right. This is where you might find things flopping out. That’s not to say funny sex isn’t great sex – it is! But if you have gone to all the effort, you are probably at least going to give it a go. As far as proportions go, it is probably more likely that someone will get turned on watching someone suck on a penis pacifier than the other one. Sex should always be fun, and this is one flirty, fun and seriously playful accessory for any adult baby.

So, now we know what is available, why does the adult pacifier play such an important role in AB play? An important element of most BDSM role play involves intense sensory experiences, and AB play is no different. Thus the texture, shape and even taste of an adult pacifier might be incredibly arousing. Moreover, it will also be pleasurable for the observer to watch their partner sucking on something (including a nipple penis), Similar ones available on .

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